Immerse yourself in the vibrant and passionate culture that is Spain. Participants will study the language, explore the country through weekly videos and delve into the traditions of this amazing country. Learn pronunciation, greetings, numbers, days, weeks and months of the year, verbs and basic conversation. Members are asked to bring a notebook and pen to class. Tuesday
Let’s go on a tour around the world together. Each week we travel to a new country/region and discuss the culture of it and how it celebrates life through food.  We then go into the kitchen  to cook dishes from the region, which we then sit down and enjoy together. This is a very hands-on class where each member works on the preparation and cooking of the dishes. We also have lots of laughs.  Some countries/regions we visit are: India, Vietnam, Middle East, Mexico, Greece, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia and Italy There will be an additional charge of $10.00 per week to buy the ingredients need for the meal. Wednesday
This course is available as a Three-Term program or as a Two-Term program and it deals with the manner in which all of those Processes, which helped to make Australia, affected its inhabitants-both Indigenous and Migratory. It deals with the effect the settlement had on the natural inhabitants, the manner in which they were taken over and their reaction to the dispossession of their tribal lands. Issues that affected the Australian psyche throughout the near 250-year history of the people, such as the drive for federation, two world wars, minor skirmishes internationally, the Great Depression, political and economic upheaval and the dawn of the great age of technology, as well as the influence of other “alien” cultures on our own, all play their part in the explanation of the social and cultural processes at play right from 1770 to 1788 and then to 2024. Monday

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