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This class will help achieve flexibility by using props such as chairs to enable members to increase stretching of muscles and ligaments. Stretches will be gentle but effective, with no obligation to do anything that may be too challenging. Yogic breathing practices to help with stretching and general health will be taught. The last segment of the class will be devoted to relaxation, the most important part of the session, ensuring that we are ready for a wonderful day. Members are asked to bring a beach towel and a yoga mat. There is no special clothing required just light and stretchy. As we work in bare feet no special footwear is required Thursday
This course is for beginners, men and women of all age groups. Rock, Blues and jazz. Music motivates our Step dance classes. Weights and stretch are also part of the program. Requirements : yoga mat, sanitiser, bottled water and wear comfortable gym clothes and gym shoes. 2kg hand weights and rubber band for stretching. Roll call in the class at 6.35 am Tuesday 6.45 am to 8 am Tuesday
Laughter is said to be “the best medicine”. This program, created in 1995 by a medical doctor in India, combines gentle playful exercises, intentional/unconditional laughter with diaphragmatic breathing. Laughter has been said to reduce the effect of stress, help boost immune system, help decrease depression and anxiety, as well as providing pain relief. It can be practiced by most people anywhere, anytime. Friday
This course will be the first part of a more extended look into “Learning to live with Anxiety”. Mindfulness can be viewed as diamond because it has many facets as well as being extremely valuable. In Part 1 of this experience the group will be introduced to some of the essential facets of Mindfulness: Breathing, Attention and Concentration , Auto-pilot, Visualisation, Mindfulness/Meditation and Thoughts. Each session will contain various styles of presentations on the relevant facets followed by discussion. Members completing Part 1 of this course will prepare them for Part 2 that will be offered in Term 4. Monday
This two term course is for members who have no previous pilates experience and who want to build core strength and improve their posture. Some exercises are on the floor, getting up and down will be part of the exercise process. "Pilates is a form of low impact exercise focusing on flexibility, muscular strength and endurance". Requirements - a mat, towel and water.  Members will be required to purchase a theraband and a yoga ball, both available from the tutor. Thursday
Join this 1 term course which takes you on a personal enriching life journey through differing aspects of life-enhancement, including: Understanding what formed you into who you are today ; Discover the hidden-self residing in the sub-conscious; Discover personal empowerment through the power of the mind; Reshaping your perception from a view of fear to one of love; Understand classical meditation and its life-enhancing benefits; Reshaping your perception form the world view of fear to the spiritual psychology of love. Wednesday
Tai-chi is a form of martial art but we pursue it for relaxation, exercise, balance, internal health and energy. The style of Tai-Chi taught is Yang Cheng Fu form. Together with this style, are taught the Lotus and also an adaptation of the form which has been found helpful in the prevention and alleviation of diabetes as well as Chi Gong (Qigong) exercises. In all classes members are asked to wear loose comfortable clothing and flat thin-soled shoes. This class is for those with little or no experience. Wednesday  
This class focuses solely on Yang Chen Fu Long Form with an emphasis on technique and the martial application of the form. Participants with all levels of fitness and experience are welcomed and are supported to adapt the form to their own needs, with as little deviation as possible, based on an understanding of how the form impacts the body. Some previous knowledge of Tai Chi is recommended. Monday
Qi Gongs are gentle exercises that utilise the principles of Tai Chi and consequently have similar health benefits of correcting posture and breathing, reducing blood pressure, relieving stress and promoting wellness. The practice is sometimes referred to as a stationary Tai Chi as there is little traverse motion of the feet. It can be done seated, so it is suitable for all age and fitness levels. Comfortable loose clothing should be worn. Thursday
A course for beginners, men and women. This is a classical Hatha yoga class. Content: Yoga breath, stretch, balance, relaxation, meditation, Tao breath and movements. Students need to bring: yoga mat, sanitiser, towel, bottled water. Please wear gym gear, and bring props, rubber band for stretch, and a yoga stick. Roll call is at 6.35 am. Class starts at 6.45 am and concludes at 8.00 am Monday
Yoga is designed to benefit posture and balance, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. Members require a beach towel, or better still, a yoga mat and bottled water. Wednesday

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