This is a chronological study of English classic novels and authors selected for an in-depth study. The course will start off with the in-depth study of one of the most famous and beloved authors Jane Austen. This is achieved through a comprehensive examination of plot, characters etc by reading, the use of videos and group discussion. Thursday
This is a one term course with the emphasis on writing. Participants are assisted to write their own poetry and develop their own style, making use of a variety of techniques, and where required, patterned on a wide range of poetry and stanza types, also making use of available resource materials required. Wednesday
This course will dip into some of William Shakespeare’s superb verses and characters which appear throughout his many plays and sonnets. Shakespeare was the poet of love, the natural world, and the human condition. Through selected readings and excerpts of scenes from his plays, the class will focus on themes of love and loss. The class will read and discuss these pieces with a view to developing a deeper understanding of their context and interpretation. This course will suit members who have participated in earlier classes on Shakespeare or who have had previous experience reading Shakespeare. Participants will need to bring a preparedness to read dramatic text in class and involve oneself in discussions. Relevant handouts will be provided in class. Friday
This course will be conducted over 4 terms, with each term focussing on various aspects of developing writing skills. Members have the opportunity of enrolling in this course at any time throughout the year depending on the skills they require to learn and develop.  Methodology on how to begin and how to further expand writing skills is the prime focus of this course and beginners as well as the more experienced participants are welcome to join. Thursday
The goal of this hands-on course is to help members in writing their memoir. Participants will work together in developing, writing and editing their memoir. Sharing tips and techniques to use when writing a memoir that will hold the attention of their readers will play an important with this group. This course will suit members who did the first Writing your Memoir course or for those with previous experience in writing. Friday

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