The aim of this course is to give members access to some of the very best European classical music. The tutor will demonstrate examples of a variety of music and will aim to provide background information on the composers, performers and the music itself to enhance the learner's experience. The focus in class will be on enjoyment but also, on demonstrating variety. How the course develops will, in part, be guided by course participants. Tuesday
This class is for experienced guitar players. Potential members should have completed at least 2 years in a level 2 class or have equivalent experience. The aim is to take students with some guitar experience up to a higher level of ability in a relaxed, collaborative and gently paced program. The class will be exploring more complex chords and scales and improvising, learning more about how the guitar works. It will give members the opportunity to learn more about how the guitar works, to ask and have questions answered and have some fun. They will be introduced to finger picking and putting it together in songs and melodies. Members are required to provide their own guitar and electronic tuner and bring a notebook and pen/pencil and a folder to store handouts. Tuesday
This course is for beginners who have had several terms of tuition and aims to expand their basic competencies, that will enable them to self-accompany or accompany others singing songs with simple structure, that can be played using open chords, and to introduce them to playing uncomplicated melodies. Members should have a genuine desire to learn and a sense of commitment to regular attendance and practice and own an acoustic guitar with steel or nylon strings. Tuesday
Members joining either of these classes should have completed at least two terms of a Beginners/Continuing course or have equivalent experience. The aim is to take students with some guitar experience up to a higher level of ability in a relaxed and gently paced program. It should be noted that this course has a big focus on finger picking. Members are required to provide their own guitar and electronic tuner and bring a notebook and pen/pencil and folder to store handouts.  Tuesday
This course is designed for people who want to play guitar but who have never been near one. The tutor will start at the very beginning and will endeavour to familiarise members with the very basics of guitar, how to use chords and develop in them an appreciation of the instrument. Hopefully, by doing this members will be encouraged to continue to develop their guitar skills. Members will need to have their own guitars and a folder for their music Tuesday
This new course introduces students to guitar fingerpicking which is a foundation to the more advanced fingersytle genre of guitar. Fingerpicking is a very attractive way of playing chords, i.e. rather than just strumming. A range of fingerpicking patterns are covered throughout the course starting with the most simple, then on to the more complex Travis picking style. These patterns will be practiced slowly and methodically giving all students ample time to accomplish these techniques. Ideally students should have a basic ability to play common guitar chords. Tuesday
This programme is designed for those who have completed a beginners course or who have previous guitar playing experience. During sessions members are involved in group playing and singing of songs, learning new chords, understanding chord shortcuts, sharing songs, question and answer opportunities, and a lot of laughter and fun. Home practice is essential, Members require a sense of humour, a guitar, pen and paper and a folder to file music handouts. Wednesday
This course is to give members who have no keyboard skills the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of some of the functions available in an electric keyboard. The tutor will inform members at the beginning of the course if a text book will be required Monday Group 1 Wednesday Group 2
This course enables both the beginner member and those wishing to continue in developing skills with the keyboard to join this class. The tutor works with individual members at each of their level. Thursday
This course is for members who have completed the Music Keyboard Beginners course or who have had 12 to 18 months prior experience. At this level the participants will have the opportunity to extend their skills and have more flexibility in their choice of music pieces. All students will need earphones and a folder with clear plastic sleeves for photocopies. Thursday
This class is designed for members who have a good knowledge of basic music theory. Members in this group have been learning for around 3 years and have experience at playing basic music theory. It is preferable that members have their own keyboard, earphones and course book. (Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course...Lesson book Level 1) and a folder with clear plastic leaves for photocopies. The course basically follows the course book but is flexible enough to cater for music suggestions from members, individual or group interests and theory when necessary.  Friday
This class is designed for members who have basically no or limited music knowledge. The course book, Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course – Lesson Book – Level 1 will be needed, but should not be purchased until the student has attended one lesson to ensure the course is what is needed. All students will need earphones and a folder with clear plastic sleeves for photocopies. The course basically follows the book but is flexible enough to include additional pieces from the tutor and/or the students to reinforce learning or follow interests.  Tuesday
This is an introduction to “Great Music” on records, CD’s, videos, DVD’s and live performances on piano. The group examines a wide range of music and lively discussion is encouraged at all levels. Group preferences and topics are included. Subjects studied include: Orchestral music and instruments and notable composers, styles and movements in music (classical, romantic, baroque, jazz, chamber, church, piano, art song, choral, nationalism, opera etc) Forms (symphony, sonata, concerto, overture, suite, cantata, oratorio, dance forms etc) Every session concludes with a morning tea. Classes are held at the Tutor’s home in Sandstone Point. Wednesday
This is a group of members who just like to sing. They sing along in karaoke format or with a CD recording of original artists, cover bands or backing music. The chosen songs come from a wide variety of music from many artists and across many decades. There are no pre-requisites. It is not a choir and does not aspire to be one. It is purely singing for the joy of singing. Members do not need to provide anything as song books are provided. Friday
In this course for absolute beginners the members will learn how to tune their ukulele and several basic chords to accompany songs. As the year progresses members will benefit by learning a variety of other chords, Members need a ukulele and an electronic tuner. Friday
This course for those members with previous ukulele experience and is designed to assist in developing further skills. The course will include: Learning to recognise and apply the relationships between chords and melody to find chord progressions so that one can start playing simple songs confidently and without song charts. Understanding rhythm and syncopation and develop simple techniques to find the unique rhythm of each song. Learn basic strumming techniques and how to combine them to express the “feel” of a song. Exploring different styles of music. Learning jazz chords, chord inversions and finger picking techniques. Developing the confidence to enjoy performing as a member of a group. Thursday
These courses are for members who have had at least 12 months learning and enjoy singing. The tutor manages the group assisting will skill development as well as encouraging members to support one another. Students will need to purchase two books—SCUM and UKULELE INTERMEDIATE—available from reception. Wednesday
The ukulele is recognised as one of the most popular and easiest instruments to play and needs no previous musical skills to become very proficient. The course lasts two terms after which members will be welcome to join our regular Ukulele Sounds Intermediate group which meets on Thursdays Thursday
This is a group of ukulele players who have been through a beginners course and are able to play quite a wide variety of songs. They help one another and just enjoy the experience of playing and singing together. New members are always welcome. Members provide their own ukulele and many have a music stand. A folder to hold song sheets is also of value and a book containing a comprehensive collection of songs is available from the tutor. Thursday
This course gives participants the opportunity to sing their favourite songs and practice their ukulele skills. It would be helpful for members enrolling in this course to have 6-12 months ukulele experience. Songs will involve a variety of chords, rhythms and styles, and range from before the group members were born until the present. If interested, members may get a chance to give the gift of music to others in the community. Wednesday
Anyone can sing! This course allows members to join a brand new choir and enjoy a weekly afternoon of fun and music harmonisation and creation. All are welcome to join this group and no prior experience in singing is necessary. Sight-reading ability and choral experience would be helpful but not essential. A wide variety of songs, including show tunes, pop songs (old and newish), folk, C & W (at times), early music, G & S, rounds and canons, madrigals , but not a lot of rap will be featured throughout the course. The only requisite to join this group is that you bring along your enthusiasm and a sense of fun. Wednesday

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