Members work on their individual art projects providing all their own requisites, The course manager is there to assist and encourage members to discuss and share various knowledge and techniques. A limited number of beginning artists will receive tuition. The course is held in Studio 2 at the Bribie Community Art Centre. Wednesday
This course is for the absolute beginner who wishes to gain an insight into the world of art using acrylics. The tutor will advise members at the beginning of the course what to bring to class. Monday
This course is for members who have completed the Acrylic Beginners course or for those who have previous skills and experience in Acrylics. The tutor will advise members enrolling in this course what to bring to class at the beginning of the course. Friday
This course is for beginners who want to learn about blending colours, pallette knife work, and some basic mixed media and impressionist painting. Initially members will focus on learning about materials, backgrounds, as well as some basic landscape and flower painting. Ultimately the aim of the course is for beginners to achieve a good grounding in some skills and techniques to work on their own and progress further. The tutor will attempt to keep costs low at all times and will provide some paints and materials. Tuesday
A friendly group of members who get together to enjoy the modern phenomenon of adult colouring in, which is shown to help as a calming and de-stressing strategy. Members provide all their own requisites and as a group they encourage one another and share ideas. Monday
This is a self-managed group. Members provide all their own requisites and work on their own projects offering assistance, encouragement and ideas to other members if requested. Members are able to work in the medium of their choice. Participants bring a great sense of humour to the class and enjoy a good chat while working on their projects Tuesday
This course aims to start members on the journey of learning to paint their first piece of art. Aspects of still life and contemporary art will be explored using acrylics, experimentation with textures and colours, brush and palette knife techniques. The focus will be to start your art journey by learning the foundations, appropriate skills and instil a love of painting for further development and achievement. Theories learnt will then be put into practice. Participants must have a desire to want to paint but need not have previous experience. Members are asked to bring to class a smock/painting shirt, notebook and pen. A list of art requisites needed for class is available at Reception. Friday
This one year course will encourage participants to explore and play with a range of media and surfaces to make art. Members will work in 2D, redesign books, textiles and 3D using paint, pastels, crayons, pencils and charcoal. The group will try new ideas and techniques, and, break rules. Monday
In this comprehensive oil painting course, members will learn the techniques and benefits of working with the oil paint. Suitable for both beginners and those with some painting experience, students will be guided through structured exercises as well as their own individual painting projects to create paintings with beautiful texture and finish-even without any prior painting experience. Wednesday
This class is designed for those with little or no experience. Pen and ink wash are the central themes. Members are given the opportunity to learn a variety of different techniques when working with ink, with the possibility of introducing additional mediums. This course is a 2 term (one semester). Having completed the course members have the option of progressing to the Pen Plus Intermediate course. A list of materials required for this course is available from Reception. Wednesday
The class is designed as a continuation of the Pen Plus Beginners course. Pen and ink washes are the central themes but additional mediums are introduced e.g. coloured inks, charcoal, and coloured paper. Students are encouraged to experiment and share ideas. This class is a continuing one and as students become more experienced and proficient it is expected they will become more self-directed in choosing subject and medium. Materials required are the same as those required for the beginners course. Some materials such as coloured inks are provided and any further requirements would be discussed in class where the tutor might be able to organise a bulk buy. Wednesday
Pencil Allsorts is a "working together" group who enjoy working with a great variety of pencils including - lead, graphite, charcoal,coloured and watercolour and inktense, which allow for some very interesting artwork and a lot of fun. Members provide their own requisites and work on self-directed projects, supporting and encouraging one another. Wednesday
This is a 2 term course and is designed to introduce those with little or no experience to basic shading and drawing techniques. On completing the second term, members will be encouraged to move onto a higher level if they wish to continue. Members are required to bring a sketch Pad (Quill brand recommended), a set of good drawing pencils, pencil sharpener soft eraser and ruler. Wednesday
This is a self-manged group of members who are experienced in this medium. The members work on their individual projects, provide all their own requisites and support and encourage each other as they continue their skill development. Wednesday
This 8 week course has been developed to help beginners on the challenging journey of learning how to draw portraits. This course will focus on loosening up, having fun and not perfection. It is totally okay to make mistakes. Members will have the freedom to draw whoever they choose. If the preference is to draw portraits of pets, well that’s okay also. Grandchildren and fellow students are always favourite drawing subjects. Students will need to bring to class a selection of graphite pencils (hb, 2b, 4b), kneaded eraser (Montemarte), A3 or A4 drawing pad, willow charcoal (thin ones), wet wipes or rag, pencil sharpener and reference ‘face’ photos of family members, friends, pets, etc. The tutor will advise members of all requisites required for the class. A list of these requisites is also available at Reception. Wednesday
The tutor manages this group and at times arranges guest artists to talk to the group. Generally members work on their own individual projects using the medium of their choice. They provide all their own requisites and support and encourage each other as they share skills and continue their own skill development. Occasionally the tutor may lead the group in a particular project. Thursday
This class is for experienced members who can work on their own projects. An optional topic with resource material is provided each week. The tutor will give advice and assist members to develop further skills as required. Members provide their own art materials. A list of suitable materials and where to buy them is available from Reception and the tutor is available for advice. The tutor will provide notes and resource material for sessions as required. Wednesday


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