Computers & Technology

In this short 3 week course, members can learn how to be more confident in using their devices for daily activities using mobile applications, such as weather (BOM) , news, appointment reminders, password management, shopping, sports, travel, Google search, YouTube and Google maps to name but a few. Participants will need their own devices. Friday
This is a short 3 week course that will help members understand what Apple apps can do and gives them the confidence to use them on their devices. Useful Apple apps include calculator, calendar, camera, clocks, compass, contacts, Facetime and Facebook. Members will need to bring their own device to class and ideally should have an Apple ID and know their password. Friday
This 1 term course caters or members with iPads or tablets and introduces them to the basic function and programs that can be accessed. There is a pre-requisite that members have some basic knowledge of an iPad and have the ability to search the internet. Members will learn to connect to U3A wifi and to explore apps, emails, camera, clock, maps and settings. Other areas of learning will be to load iPad apps, how to Back Up and using the restoring device from Cloud and PC as well as exploring web sites. Members need to bring their iPad or tablet to the lesson. Monday
This 6 week course is open to all members who are interested in learning and participating in free online board games. The tutor will instruct members on how to access and play games online. This includes playing against the computer or other keen online board games opponents. The games that will be introduced include Tic Tac Toe, Scrabble, Backgammon, Outspell, Spider solitaire and chess. So, those times when boredom sets in and there doesn't seem to be anything interesting to do, your time can be put to some entertaining use, you will be able to hop onto the computer and have some fun.
Photoshop is a software application used for image editing and photo retouching. It has the ability, and is widely used, to create enhance, or otherwise edit images, artwork and illustrations. Changing backgrounds, simulating a real-life painting, or creating image compositions. It is most widely used for photo editing, image manipulation and retouching for numerous image and video file formats. Modifying already created images, creating artwork and illustrations, adding effects, e.g. movie posters, book covers, graphic design and image manipulation for online or in-print. It uses a layer based editing system that enables image enhancing, editing or retouching without affecting the original image.
In this course members will learn various techniques of photo elements to open the world of Photoshop Elements to their imagination. No previous skills are needed, just a genuine interest in the subject. Tuesday
This course is designed for those who have had at least 2 years previous tuition in Photoshop Elements. This class looks at developing further editing photos and using Photoshop Elements to manipulate photographs to produce interesting images. There is a requirement that those enrolling have basic computer literacy skills, are able to save files in different formats and have a general knowledge of what photo editing is all about. Members need no previous experience and are required to bring a USB stick and a display folder to store handouts. 
This class looks at editing photos and using Photoshop Elements to manipulate photographs to produce interesting images. Members need to have more than a basic knowledge of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and be able to do lessons and exercises with minimal supervision. Members are required to bring a USB stick and a display folder to store handouts.
During this 8 week course members have the opportunity to investigate the versatility of the Microsoft Publisher program. Design your own personalised greeting cards, calendars, invitations, labels and more.
(6 week course) The course designed to help beginners to become familiar with the various apps and functions of the smartphone, covering such thing as handsets, phone plans, hotspots, contact lists, apps, social media and phone accessories. As a pre-requisite to grow your knowledge it is suggested to have undertaken a 6 weeks Windows 10 Computer class or be familiar with the Windows program. It is also suggested that personal study outside is undertaken to enhance your classroom experience. Monday
This course will consist of one or two sessions based on individual member's needs either on iPad or Tablet. Members who have a single issue with their iPad or wish to learn a single specific skill are invited to register their request. Sessions will be scheduled accordingly. To this end it would be advantageous for members to prepare a list of the concerns for which they need help. Monday
This 6 week course is for those with limited computer experience but have keyboard knowledge- effectively using the mouse, some Internet knowledge, and be able to open and close programs. Members will be introduced to the functions of Windows 10 and its associated apps. Monday
These two courses are the same and run for 6 weeks, are designed to suit those who have relatively competent computer knowledge and skills, The course includes a refresher on Windows basics including copying and moving files and folders. Microsoft Edge and other web browsers, emails, Windows 10 settings and backup. Part of the course covers the basics of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. These apps are part of the Microsoft suite of apps. Students who do not have Office installed on their laptop may use the U3A computers. Friday

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