This course will introduce members to the Access database, including data entry and query formats. Not offered currently
For students who want to know more about their computer and how it works, to explore the system, checking out the keyboard and how it works, the use of the mouse, menu, covering settings, apps- their uses and what to look for without incurring any cost, what apps are used for. How to use the Internet and get help from the computer's own electronic help manual. Not offered currently
For those who have a little knowledge of a computer and how it works, but want to expand their use of Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, Formatting, how to use Clip Art, Clip Board, Cut copy and paste. The importance of highlighting, making a file/folder, how to save, and the use of a toolbar, how to recognise the icons, what are commands and how to meet them. How to enjoy your computer ! Not offered currently
This course considers what devices to use to access the Internet eg. Phone, Tablet, Laptops What the Internet would be used for and what plan is required, what browsers are available and which one serves the student’s needs best. Also covers the most popular websites including social media. Not offered currently
A class for those who want to take it slow and easy, who have a desire to learn at their own pace and those who have no knowledge of what can be achieved through the use of a computer. How to overcome their fear of "losing it all". They will cover the tool bar, highlighting, dragging. How to use a mouse, how to save, what is a file, a document, how to write letters, how icons work. You will get a general understanding and the feel of your computer. Not offered currently
This course caters for members with iPads or tablets and introduces them to the basic functions and programs that can be accessed. There is a pre-requisite that members have some basic knowledge of an iPad, and have the ability to search the internet. The program will explore apps, emails, camera, clock, maps and settings. The course is for a term with those wishing to learn more to consider the Friday iPad Intermediate course. Members need to bring their iPad or tablet to the lessons. Wednesday
This course caters for members with iPads or tablets who have some understanding of the apps and programs that can be accessed and wish to explore further the in-depth features. Basic pre-requisites include the ability to use the sleep/wake mode, to adjust the volume, change orientation, zoom, use the multi-tasking bar, and add or delete apps. Members need to bring their iPad or tablet to the lessons. Friday
This course is sequential, designed for those with little or no computer knowledge and skill. In general the following program structure applies. It is a one year course. Term 1— Basic understanding of Windows 10 & the use of various apps and programs. Term 2— Microsoft Office Word Term 3—Microsoft Office Excel, Publisher & Powerpoint Term 4—Emails Not offered currently
This program is designed for those who have limited computer experience. The course includes activities to develop knowledge of the keyboard, the skill of manipulating the mouse and gaining a basic understanding of what is on their computer, working with mainly Word and Publisher. Members become familiar with the task bar, and the features of the various tool bars. Learn how to save and open files and become familiar with basic formatting tools and editing functions. The programme directions is somewhat influenced by requests and concerns from the course participants. Computers are available but members may bring their own laptop to learn on if they wish. Thursday
A pre-requisite for this course is that members have a sound knowledge base of Microsoft computing, preferably operating in Windows 10, a good use of Internet and a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel,and Powerpoint. Members who wish to bring their own laptop need to ensure they have strong virus protection and firewall to connect to the U3A network. The course is structured to extend members' abilities in using Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Not offered Term 1
This course will give you the basics of on-line shopping. How to get started and the pros and cons of getting started on this new way of shopping. Practical hands on research on looking at various sites and an efficient search process will be part of the class. Please bring your own Laptop to class. Not offered Term 1
This course includes various modules that cover information with regards to selecting a digital camera for your needs, and improving your ability to use your camera for better photographs. The Modules include, 1. Course overview, Choosing that camera, Point and Shoot, CSC (Compact Systems Cameras) DSLR (Digital Serial Lens) cameras that allow for a diverse range of lenses to be used. 2. Computer and transfer of images from your SD card to desktop PC or laptops. Creating and compiling folders and subfolders, batch renaming of images, post editing and enhancing your photographs using Adobe Photoshop, Elements 6 and other similar programs. Repairing old damaged photographs, scanned and saved to SD card. 3. During the course, practical lessons are undertaken using your camera with advice about various techniques (in areas adjacent to U3A). Members also need to have a USB stick and notebook. Monday
This class looks at editing photos and using Photoshop Elements to manipulate photographs to produce interesting images. There is a requirement that those enrolling have basic computer literacy skills, are able to save files in different formats and have a general knowledge of what photo editing is all about. Members need no previous experience and are required to bring a USB stick and a display folder to store handouts. Wednesday
This class looks at editing photos and using Photoshop Element to manipulate photographs to produce interesting images. Members need to have 1-2 years experience, a basic knowledge of Photoshop/Photoshop Elements or a similar editing program, be familiar with the toolbox and its functions and be computer literate. Members are required to bring a USB stick and a display folder to store handouts. Wednesday
This class looks at editing photos and using Photoshop Elements to manipulate photographs to produce interesting images. Members need to have more than a basic knowledge of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and be able to do lessons and exercises with minimal supervision. Members are required to bring a USB stick and a display folder to store handouts. Tuesday
This program consists of short one or two sessions based on queries from members. Members who have a single issue with their computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet, or wish to learn a single specific skill, are invited to register their request. Sessions will be scheduled as needs arise. Thursday
Here is your opportunity to investigate the versatility of the Microsoft Publisher program. Design your own personalised greeting cards, calendars, invitations, labels and more ! (have a browse through the folder on the coffee area table to see some of the possibilities). Tuesday
(6 week course) The course is designed to help beginners become familiar with the various apps and functions of the smartphone, covering such things as handsets, phone plans, hotspots, contact lists, apps, social media and phone accessories. Members are required to bring their phone to the lessons. Friday
This course will cater for beginners either on iPad or tablet. The structure of the course will be responsive to the needs of those enrolled. It is anticipated the course will include basic operation of the device including volume and other settings. Also included will be an introduction to the use of various functions including emails, camera and an understanding of apps. Monday
Join tutor Colin Christiansen who will introduce you to the basics of web page design. Tuesday
This course is for those with limited computer experience but have keyboard knowledge- effectively using the mouse, some Internet knowledge, and be able to open and close programs. Members will be introduced to the functions of Windows 10 and its associated apps. Course is for 6 weeks Monday
These two courses are the same and are designed to suit those who have relatively competent computer knowledge and skills, and those who are transitioning to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or other operating systems, and wish to further their knowledge of apps and the Office suite of programs. Course is for 6 weeks Friday
This group works on the presentation of what we write, rather than the content that is addressed in other classes. This can be employed to write to relatives, friends, newspapers, governments, clubs and associations, business correspondence or for creative purposes. While there are no requirements for the students to bring any materials, a notepad and pencil may be brought if one wishes to take notes. Basic computer skills in the use of the mouse particularly, would be of advantage to the new student. Not offered term 1


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