This course is designed for members who may be intending to travel to Europe or for those who just want to learn a little more about Europe and the Schengen Zone. Areas covered will include: documentation required prior to travel; health insurance; hiring/buying vehicles in Europe; Driving/Road systems; Parking v Camping; Currencies; Safety Issues; SIM cards; Tourist information and Signage to name but a few. The tutor for this course has comprehensive travel experience spanning over 40 years. Classes will be conducted in a stress free, happy environment and will be tailored towards the participants requests. Monday
This course is for members who would like to know more about Japan, its people, language, culture, food and history. Topics for discussion each week will range from ikebana and origami to toilets and trains. The tutor is a frequent visitor to Japan and he will be assisted by his wife who is a native-born Japanese. There is ample opportunity for Q&A which is great if members are planning a trip and, throughout the course, the emphasis is on fun and informality. Tuesday

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