The opportunity to learn or improve ballroom dance skills. Singles and couples are encouraged to join the class. Members are asked to simply wear comfortable flexible shoes. High heel shoes are not recommended unless they are specific ballroom dance shoes. While there will be some technical aspects taught, the emphasis is on enjoyment and fun in a learning environment. Tuesday
This class is designed as a fun exercise and dance class, where members are introduced to simple choreographed routines that involve being seated or moving around on a chair. At times props may be introduced. Members need to wear comfortable clothes and a sense of humour is essential. Beginners 4.00 - 5.00 wed Continuing 3.00 - 4.00 wed This class is an extension of the beginners class where members are introduced to more complex choreographed routines. Wednesday
A basic class to learn the steps needed for tap dancing. Tap shoes needed. Monday
It is important that members wishing to join this class have had significant experience at tap dancing. The group will work under supervision but members will be encouraged to be involved in the choreographing process. Tuesday
This group meets at 4.00-5.00pm on Friday evenings for an hour of fun, learning a variety of traditional Greek dances. Members are advised to wear comfortable shoes. Friday
Line dancing promotes health physically and emotionally, enhances balance and centering and increases mobility without joint damage because it is low impact. It promotes cardio-vascular health through physical workout of varying intensity. The opportunity for creativity and line dancing’s memory work, provide mental benefits also. This activity also allows you to interact with a wide variety of people from all walks of life, serving one’s social health. Line dancing is the second most popular extra curricular activity in the world using all rhythms of music, the most popular being country music. For all classes it is recommended that members wear closed in shoes (sneakers) that are comfortable and that do not have soles that “stick” to the dance floor, thus allowing free movement of footwork. TWO LEFT FEET AND NO SENSE OF RHYTHM ARE CHALLENGES NOT DISABILITIES. Classes are designed to be fun. ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS.. This class is designed for those who have no or very little experience. Monday
This class is appropriate for those members with 1 or 2 years experience or have been through the absolute beginners course. Monday
This class is for those who have had experience and wish to extend their skills. Monday
Intermediate (self-tutored) This class is for the most experienced line dancers who are able to take on more complex and challenging routines. Tuesday
The tutor will give the opportunity to learn and love 6-step rock and roll. It is a great way to meet new friends, keep fit and have some fun. Beginners are welcome to join in the first couple of weeks of the term. Thursday
The tutor teaches basic dance steps and incorporates these into various dance routines, all done to motivating music and in a friendly and fun filled atmosphere. Tuesday
Beginners This class is for those with little or no ballroom dance experience. It will be an introduction to the U-Can dance class. Wednesday
This class is designed as an extra social dance class specifically for those unable to attend the current Wednesday morning Ballroom Dancing class, but members are welcome to attend both. The class will teach basic social dance. Wednesday


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