This is a group with varied interest relating to discussion and problem solving. Members are invited to join the group and share the collective enjoyment of doing puzzles, games, meditation and engaging in lively conversation on current topics. This group enjoys the challenges they set up for themselves and thrive on keeping their brains active. Friday
The Economics Forum is a discussion group in which the tutor addresses the hidden issues of economics with a special eye on monetary policy and interest rates. Although it occasionally deals with stocks, bonds and options, the Economics Forum does not dispense investment advice and is not tied to any broker. U3A and the tutor will not accept any liability or loss arising from trading the markets. Friday
Each week the group nominates a couple of movies for members to view, one showing at our local cinema. For those wanting a day out on the mainland we also nominate one at the larger theatre complexes where there are often movies on limited release. Once a month, usually on the last Thursday of the month, there is an extended meeting when a DVD is viewed. The movies chosen are basically “anything goes” depending on the taste or sense of adventure of the members. Many members have found that they become more enterprising in their movie choice when exposed to the rave reviews from others. The group welcomes anyone with an open mind who enjoys watching movies and is willing to discuss their ideas, likes and dislikes, and who enjoys the opportunity for fun and convivial discussion and perhaps develop a better appreciation of the movies that they see. Thursday
This is a class for those who want to keep their mind active while having fun. There is a variety of quiz formats. Some come from newspapers and some from a collection of books the group has acquired. These are somewhat like trivia but can cause spirited discussion at times. On occasions current events are discussed, mostly with diverse and often hilarious comments. During our time there is an interval for morning tea, then there is a session for games such as rummicub, dominoes, a variety of card games and scrabble, which makes for some very creative spelling at times. The main objective of the group is to keep interested in the world around us and have a good time while doing it. The only criteria for joining the group is to have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously. Tuesday


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