This 6 week course with tutor David Barnes is based on the publication "Guide to genetic testing and genetic genealogy" by Baline Bettinger. It will include investigation of genetic genealogy basics and common misconceptions. This course is heavily weighted towards genealogy, with little emphasis placed on the scientific aspects of DNA or genetic engineering Thursday
A course designed to take members further along the family history research road. Find out more about what your ancestors did and where they lived. The tutor is a qualified librarian, archivist and professional historian with a wealth of knowledge to pass on in her classes. A detailed outline of the course is available on request. The direction sessions take can be strongly influenced by the group. Members need to bring a notebook and pen. Wednesday
This one term course provides strategies to help start researching your family history and the skill to advance. Having started with yourself and what you know about your parents and grandparents, you will then be introduced to research skills to find ancestors. Resources such as microfiche, church records and the internet could be used. Strategies for effectively recording and organising your findings will also be covered. Members need to bring a notebook and pen. Monday
This course is for those people who want to start writing their family stories, genealogy blog posts on a complete family history. Attendees will receive advice on how to write, structure and publish their work. If they choose, they can also seek individual feedback from the group. It is a self-help group, motivating each other. Attendees will work on a project during the term for discussion at each session. This is a fortnightly course with sessions held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, starting in term 1 on 4th February. Tuesday

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