This course is for the established researcher who wants to refine their skills in planning, organising, citing, filing, saving and preserving to achieve their family history goal. Members should note that this course is not for the absolute beginner. Wednesday
This course is based on the publication “Guide to Genetic Testing and Genetic Genealogy”by Blaine Bettinger, and will include investigation of genetic genealogy basics and common misconceptions. This course is heavily weighted towards genealogy with little emphasis placed on scientific aspects of DNA or genetic engineering. A one term course with a duration of 8 weeks and divided into two parts. The first 6 weeks will be based on tutorials, followed by 2 weeks of workshops where members will have the opportunity to practice what they have learnt. Members are asked to bring their laptops/iPads or any other electronic device to class, particularly for the workshops as these segments will be hands-on. Wednesday
This is a one term course that provides strategies to help start researching members’ family history and enhance the skills to advance. Members will learn how to start the search and how to access birth, death and marriage records. How to access and use Census, Wills, newspapers and probate records will also be covered. Participants in the course will also be shown various ways of organising the information gathered in their research. Matters relating to Privacy Issues and Copyright, as well as, citing sources, online records, military records and the use of professional researchers will be discussed in the course. Wednesday

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