This is part of a 3 term course examining the history, culture and lifestyle of some of the ancient civilisations. Part 1 will concentrate on the Egyptian civilisation and be followed in Part 2 with the Roman civilisation and in Part 3 we will examine the Greek civilisation. Thursday
The 12 month course will examine the European influence on the history of Australia. It will examine the early European navigators that visited these shores, the first European settlements, both penal and free, and the geography of the continent as experienced by the European land explorers. Following sessions examine the next 200 years and the development of the colonies, states and commonwealth. Thursday
Unravel the complexities of government and social issues in Australia today. Part 1 and Part 2 comprises a two part course. Part 1 examines the founding principles of government, the judicial system, foreign policy. Part 2 examines contemporary Australian issues such as indigenous issues, republicanism as well as issues raised by participants. This makes for a varied and challenging two-term course, where the tutor encourages discussion. Wednesday
This is a term 3 course. In part one the group will briefly examine the events of each decade and in part two a more in-depth study of selected events will be undertaken. Sessions will encourage participation from course members in discussion. Wednesday
This is part of a 2 term course. Part 1 covers the rise and decline of the nation states, including the Holy Roman Empire, and new empires including Russia, Ottoman, Mogul and Chinese. It includes 15th Century explorations and trade through to the age of the American and French revolutions. Part 2 deals primarily with the 19th Century, the period of colonisation and industrialism. This course is designed to lead into a future course Events of the 20th Century.
This course will attempt to unpack and understand the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. The course will be for 8 weeks and is a very current topic.
This exciting course is planned to run for a term. You will be guided in examining the Soviet Union from its creation to its collapse: its structures, its strengths and its weaknesses.
This six week course will examine various world organisations, their structure, history and functions and their influence on our world.
This is a discussion and research class for people who have an existing knowledge of local Queensland and Bribie Island history. It is essential for students to have done a previous "introduction to local history" class or attended the various history U3A "Insight" sessions. The weekly sessions involve reading and discussing a wide range of books, papers, documents and audio visual material. Students should have a specific interest and personal knowledge of broad aspects of Australia, Queensland and Bribie Island history. Each week a different aspect of history is explored by field trips to places of interest, visits to museums and historic sites, guest speakers, presentations and a sharing of interests and experiences. Friday
This is an exciting 2 term course. Part 1 covers the trail blazers of the 1920’s and 30’s, early aviators, the contribution of women and the development of aircraft form 1900 to World War 2. Part 2 extends the study looking at the development of commercial and military aviation from World War 2 to the present day.
This course presented by tutor Juri Linins will take you from the early race to be first to put a manned craft into space, and the first moon landing, to the subsequent space missions, their purpose and successes and then investigate the various space craft and the implications of living and travelling in space. Thursday

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