History & Society

This is a 3 term course examining the history, culture and lifestyle of some of the ancient civilisations. In term 2 you will explore various aspects of the Egyptian civilisation. Thursday
Owing to the extensive nature of the Australian history program devised by tutor Barry Finch, attendance throughout the whole year is preferred, but to assist those unable to attend all terms, the program has been broken into 4 term units of study. Term 1 covers the time from the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the Age of Discovery, the journeys of Cook, European settlement and exploration. Thursday
The course gives an insight into the history of Bribie Island starting with the indigenous people who called “Yarun” home to why Bribie Island became known as “the Rising Resort”, with its heyday in the 1920s and 30s. It has been said that “Bribie Island and the Pumicestone Passage contain more history written or unwritten than any other place in Queensland” and this will be explored in this one term class. Some subjects covered will be the early explorers; settlers and industries; the ships and boats that carried passengers to Bribie; the Bongaree Jetty and its precinct; camping holidays and boarding houses, and early residents. Friday
Unravel the complexities of government and social issues in Australia today. Part 1 and Part 2 comprises a two part course. Part 1 examines the founding principles of government, the judicial system, foreign policy. Part 2 examines contemporary Australian issues such as indigenous issues, republicanism as well as issues raised by participants. This makes for a varied and challenging two-term course, where the tutor encourages discussion.
This 2 term course is a revised and extended look at Global History, examining the development of the modern world through historical periods and events and covering the rise and decline of nation states, from the Holy Roman Empire through to the emergence of 21st century globalism. Wednesday
This is a 2 term course. In part one the group will briefly examine the events of each decade and in part two a more in-depth study of selected events will be undertaken. Sessions will encourage participation from course members in discussion. Looking
Looking at the impact of global empires on what is currently occurring in the previously colonised countries.
Discoveries and inventions have changed and influenced the development of the world. This course will examine some of the key inventions and theories have led to what society is today and who we are. Wednesday
This is a discussion and research class for people who have an existing knowledge of local Queensland and Bribie Island history. It is essential for students to have done a previous "introduction to local history" class or attended the various history U3A "Insight" sessions. The weekly sessions involve reading and discussing a wide range of books, papers, documents and audio visual material. Students should have a specific interest and personal knowledge of broad aspects of Australia, Queensland and Bribie Island history. Each week a different aspect of history is explored by field trips to places of interest, visits to museums and historic sites, guest speakers, presentations and a sharing of interests and experiences. Friday
People are socialised into behaviours, such as queuing at checkouts or wearing clothes in public, but few people questions these taken-for-granted behaviours. In this class, participants explore the sociological interpretations of everyday life. Each week different social issues, such as crime, education, health, age, organisations and social change are evaluated and discussed. Thursday
In this course is designed to take participants through the complete trading process, from understanding technical analysis processes, through to risk management and proficiently placing quality trades in any market. The tutor will show you how to recognise chart patterns and identify turning points and likely targets. As well as showing participants a systematic approach, the tutor will let you into some “trading secrets”. A trading Software will be provided through various brokers. The STF Trading Method (“six-time-frames”) developed by the tutor allows a more accurate detection of the pivot and entry points. Friday
This course is an enthusiast’s look at some “Big Toys” that have captured the imagination and how they came to be. For example: “the “Cutty Sark”, the “Flying Scotsman”, the “Spitfire” and the “Mercedes 300SLR. Thursday

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