History & Society

This one term unit examines the Origins of Federation and the Constitution; Parliament and parliamentary powers; The Executive; The Judiciary and the Federal/State relationship. Thursday
This course explores the rich history and heritage of Bribie Island, form the earliest times, exploration, settlement and development. It provides insight into buildings, people, places and events that make Bribie such a special place to live. The course is open to all members especially newcomers. Members enrolled in this course will be expected to do some private reading and participate in heritage walks and field trips. Friday
The Economics Forum is a discussion group in which the tutor addresses the hidden issues of economics with a special eye on monetary policy and interest rates. Although it occasionally deals with stocks, bonds and options, the Economics Forum does not dispense investment advice and is not tied to any broker. U3A and the tutor will not accept any liability or loss arising from trading the markets. Friday
This course is designed for members who may be intending to travel to Europe or for those who just want to learn a little more about Europe and the Schengen Zone. Areas covered will include: documentation required prior to travel; health insurance; hiring/buying vehicles in Europe; Driving/Road systems; Parking v Camping; Currencies; Safety Issues; SIM cards; Tourist information and Signage to name but a few. The tutor for this course has comprehensive travel experience spanning over 40 years. Classes will be conducted in a stress free, happy environment and will be tailored towards the participants requests. Monday
This course covers three sections of Military Aviation (MA). Firstly, members will learn about the evolution of MA, in particular, how Armies and Navies found growing number of uses for fledgling aircraft. Secondly, the development of Air Power strategies and tactics will be explored. Thirdly, the significant aircraft and (mainly) men who made and are making MA happen will be examined. In week one of this course the tutor will consider suggestions and requests on this subject by the participants. Wednesday
People are socialised into behaviours, such as queuing at checkouts or wearing clothes in public, but few people questions these taken-for-granted behaviours. In this class, participants explore the sociological interpretations of everyday life. Each week different social issues, such as crime, education, health, age, organisations and social change are evaluated and discussed. Sociology 1 Wednesday Sociology 2 Thursday

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