History & Society

This is a 1 term course examining the history, culture and lifestyle of some of the ancient civilisations. Part 1 will concentrate on the Egyptian civilisation and be followed in Part 2 with the Roman civilisation and in Part 3 the Greek civilisation will be examined. Wednesday
The extensive nature of the Australian history program covers four terms throughout the year, each dealing with a specific theme. Discovery to Federation is covered in Term 1. This unit covers the time from the Ancient Greeks, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the Age of Discovery of the Portuguese and Dutch, their journeys to the Indies and subsequently to the journeys of Cook, European settlement and early explorations. In subsequent terms Exploring and Developing Australia Federation to 2000 and Australia in the World will be covered. Thursday
"Social and Cultural History of Australia" deals with the manner in which all of those processes which came to make Australia affected its inhabitants - both Indigenous and Migratory. It deals with the affect the settlement had on the natural inhabitants, the manner in which they were taken over and the reaction of the people to this dispossession of their tribal lands. The differences in the opposing cultures are highlighted, but the program is not a dissertation on the history of the aboriginal people. It also deals with how the settling inhabitants managed such a diverse and new environment, how they struggled to survive, how they accommodated every problematic issue that came their way until they reached a situation where the various communities felt the need to join together  for their own protection, and to make their way in the then modern world. Issues that affected the Australian psyche throughout the 200 year plus history of the people such as the drive for federation , two world wars, minor skirmishes internationally, the Great Depression, political and economic upheaval and the dawn of the great age of technology, as well as the influence of other "alien" cultures on our own, all play their part  in this explanation of the social and cultural processes at play right from 1788 to 2020, and into 2021. Monday
This one term unit examines the origins of Federation and the Constitution, Parliament and parliamentary powers, the Executive, the Judicature and the Federal/State relationship. Thursday
This one term course is for all those interested in Australian military history. It gives members a great opportunity to learn about Australia's colonial and national military involvement in 12 wars and police actions, starting from 1860-1864 at Waikato and through to 2003-2021 with the Gulf War 2, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Learn about the background and outcomes of some events, such as the conflicts in Sudan, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, the Malayan Emergency and the Indonesian Confrontation, the Gulf Wars 1 and 2, and WW1 and WW2. Wednesday
This is a discussion and research class for people who have an existing knowledge of local Queensland and Bribie Island history. It is essential for students to have done a previous "introduction to local history" class or attended the various history U3A "Insight" sessions. The weekly sessions involve reading and discussing a wide range of books, papers, documents and audio visual material. Students should have a specific interest and personal knowledge of broad aspects of Australia, Queensland and Bribie Island history. Each week a different aspect of history is explored by field trips to places of interest, visits to museums and historic sites, guest speakers, presentations and a sharing of interests and experiences. Friday
People are socialised into behaviours, such as queuing at checkouts or wearing clothes in public, but few people questions these taken-for-granted behaviours. In this class, participants explore the sociological interpretations of everyday life. Each week different social issues, such as crime, education, health, age, organisations and social change are evaluated and discussed. Sociology 1 Wednesday Sociology 2 Thursday
The Trading Academy is a group where participants discuss shares, bonds, FX, ETFs and investment markets. The tutor is a former analyst who will bring his expertise to complement their market understanding. Members must be aware that at no time investment advice will be or can be given and all investment choices by members are the sole responsibility of the individual. Friday

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