This is a chronological study of English classic novels and authors selected for an in-depth study. This is achieved through a comprehensive examination of plot, characters etc by reading, the use of videos and group discussion. Thursday
Learn about the development of poetry, the poets and their poems from earliest times to the present and the ways in which they structured their thoughts to present their work. Read many poems from many sources in varied styles. Write poems of your own in different styles and have them published in a class anthology. Discuss poems created by you and your classmates: why you chose the topics, the use of descriptive words, how to illustrate your works, poems from the past that affect you, and different English language poetic styles from all over the world. Tuesday
This course is a one term contraction of the whole year program entitled "Poets' Corner", but all programs deal at varying depths with the poems of noted English, Australian, American and other poets alongside the major types of poems, stanzas, the mechanics of poetry and fundamental poetry skills and devices examined through various historical periods. Wednesday

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