This course is for those who want learn how to use their DSLR or Compact camera. Learn what all the buttons and dials are for, use composition to improve your photos and take your camera off auto to use aperture, shutter priority and manual modes. A DSLR camera, or a Compact camera with Manual (M) mode settings is required for this course. Thursday
This course is for members who completed the Beginner course in term 1 and people who have a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and a good knowledge of their camera. You will learn to be more creative in your photography. A DSLR camera is preferred but a compact camera can be used. Wednesday
For those who are interested in photography but are bored with taking snapshots. The course is designed to bring out your artistic and creative niches and combine them with the psychology behind seeing things, techniques that captivate and storytelling that's engaging. We will study the masters and critique what makes images memorable. This course will help you see things and take photos in a whole new way and will benefit mainly DSLR users. Mind, art and craft all in one.


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