Drama & performance


This is a diverse group who have fun through self-expression and using their imagination. Activities include role playing, creative expression, story telling, improvisation, reading short plays and learning the basics of stagecraft. So if you are like-minded and don't take yourself too seriously, come along and join the group. Thursday
This course will dip into some of William Shakespeare’s superb verses and characters which appear throughout his many plays and sonnets. Shakespeare was the poet of love, the natural world, and the human condition. Through selected readings and excerpts of scenes from his plays, the class will focus on themes of love and loss. The class read and discuss these pieces with a view to developing a deeper understanding of their context and interpretation. Individual members of the class will also rehearse particular readings and scenes so as to confidently read before a U3A audience in April 2022, as part of an event commemorating Shakespeare's birthday. Time permitting, the class will also examine the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. This course will suit members who have participated in earlier classes on Shakespeare or who have had previous experience reading Shakespeare. Participants will need to bring a preparedness to read dramatic text in class and involve oneself in discussion. Relevant handouts will be provided in class. Friday


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