Drama & performance

This shared tutorage group is for those who enjoy reading plays, discussing theatre and enjoying themselves in low key, non-threatening practical activities. The group shares memories, examine what the playwrights are saying and test their own ideas through improvisation, mime, story-telling and other forms of creative expression. Discussions include aspects of character, direction, costumes, sets, sound etc. Members of the group take responsibility for organising and presenting activities. Thursday
The course is designed as a follow-on from the earlier course -Shakespeare a Man for all Seasons- but will also appeal to those who have little knowledge but wish to learn more. Members will explore, in depth, two or three of William Shakespeare's most popular, interesting and enduring plays, Hamlet, Henry IV Part 1, and The Merchant of Venice. These plays contain intriguing story lines and some of the most complex, powerful, witty , poignant and entertaining characters in english drama. The course is designed to develop a knowledge and appreciation of these plays with members encouraged to read dramatic text and be involved in discussion and viewing DVD scenes of recent productions. Monday
Preparations are underway for the U3A Players performance in June 2020. Tutor, Hazel Mepham, encourages members interested in theatre to become involved with the production featuring two radio plays under the theme of "Suspense". Scripts will be rehearsed, but can be read in performances, so removing the worry of line learning. Multiple roles will be available for character readers, sound effects and advertising jingles. Rehearsal times are planned for terms 1 and Tuesday and Fridays between 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm Tuesday Friday


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