Drama and performance

This shared tutorage group is for those who enjoy reading plays, discussing theatre and enjoying themselves in low key, non-threatening practical activities. The group shares memories, examine what the playwrights are saying and test their own ideas through improvisation, mime, story-telling and other forms of creative expression. Discussions include aspects of character, direction, costumes, sets, sound etc. Members of the group take responsibility for organising and presenting activities. Thursday
This 6 week course examines the aspects of the man. his world and his works. It examines some of the themes covered in the literature and will involve discussions and the viewing of short video recordings of recent Shakespearean productions.
This group works towards performing plays in public. The group meets twice weekly on Tuesday evenings and also on Friday evenings and also some weekends when plays are in rehearsal and performance dates are drawing near. Not everyone in this group appears on stage so there are many ways that members can be a part of this hard-working group—prompting, finding or making props and costumes, rehearsal catering, standing in for absentees, program, publicity, scenery, front-of-house, setting the hall up for audiences, ushering … so many vital things to do. Some members of the group have tackled the writing of scripts and directing. In 2019, casting and rehearsals will start from 29th January, Tuesdays from 7-9 pm with performances scheduled for the weekend of 7th - 9th June. If you enjoy the world of theatre then this could be the group for you. New members are always welcome. Tuesday Friday


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