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This course is a three-term program, but the manner in which the tutor has arranged the topics, members are able to choose all or some, or even just one of the terms for study. In Term 1 the course will focus on the Age of Discovery and Development. This deals with world-wide European Explorations from the Renaissance to James Cook in 1770, all the major powers at the time searching for the “Unknown Great South Land,” the first settlement, the gradual exploration, settlement and development of all the colonies and the industries, as well as early political struggles to achieve Federation. Term 2 will focus on Becoming a Nation and Term 3 will look at Australia in the World. Tuesday
This course is offered as a Two-Term or as a single Term course both suiting members who are interested in Australian culture, albeit somewhat “tongue in check”. It will cover a wide range of topics, including;  Anecdotes or Jokes * Nicknames of Australian places  Answers to English Grammar * Some real, proper Aussie English  Australian Artists and their works * Aussie English a la John O’Grady  Australian cartoonists * Australian Colloquialisms  Australian poets and poems * Aboriginal expressions-language  Australian place names * Aussie paraphernalia-pictures, souvenirs, stories Wednesday
Let’s go on a tour around the world together. The group will learn about the culture of a different country each week, and then, they will step into the kitchen to cook and share a meal together. There will be an additional charge of $5.00 per week to buy the ingredients need for the meal. Wednesday
The Economics Forum is a discussion group in which the tutor addresses the hidden issues of economics with a special eye on monetary policy and interest rates. Although it occasionally deals with stocks, bonds and options, the Economics Forum does not dispense investment advice and is not tied to any broker. U3A and the tutor will not accept any liability or loss arising from trading the markets. Friday
This Two-Term course will examine what is geography and delve into both the human and physical aspects including cartography, geology, meteorology, climatology, geomorphology, hydrology as well as cultural, political and urban geography. Also included in this course is a study of the lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena of the Earth with the aim to understand the Earth and some of its human and natural complexities, not merely where things are, but how they have changed and come to be, concentrating on those aspects as they apply to Australia. Monday
This course in Philosophy (love of wisdom in ancient Greek) is for members who wish to engage in an activity of attempting to understand the world in all its aspects. The aim of the course is to enable participants to better understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live in, and their relationships to the world and to each other. Members enrolling in this course should be enthusiastic to discuss a variety of topics led by the tutor and state their views and opinions Wednesday
This is a continuing Middle East course for International Relation students previously enrolled in this area of study. An update on the events in the Middle East as they occur will be discussed throughout the course Thursday
This course covers different areas of Military Aviation. These areas will include: Balloons to Aircraft World Was 1: 1914-1918 Between Wars: 1919—1939 Word War II: 1939—1945 The Jet Age: Post World War II Development The Cold War: 1945-1990 Fifth Generation and the Future Each era examines key Designers, Tactics, Pilots and Aircraft. Thursday
This course is available as a Three-Term program or as a Two-Term program and it deals with the manner in which all of those Processes, which helped to make Australia, affected its inhabitants-both Indigenous and Migratory. It deals with the effect the settlement had on the natural inhabitants, the manner in which they were taken over and their reaction to the dispossession of their tribal lands. Issues that affected the Australian psyche throughout the near 250-year history of the people, such as the drive for federation, two world wars, minor skirmishes internationally, the Great Depression, political and economic upheaval and the dawn of the great age of technology, as well as the influence of other “alien” cultures on our own, all play their part in the explanation of the social and cultural processes at play right from 1770 to 1788 and then to 2024. Monday
People are socialised into behaviours, such as queuing at checkouts or wearing clothes in public, but few people questions these taken-for-granted behaviours. In this class, participants explore the sociological interpretations of everyday life. Each week different social issues, such as crime, education, health, age, organisations and social change are evaluated and discussed. Sociology 1 Wednesday Sociology 2 Thursday
This course covers the period from start of the Viking Era to the end. Below are the areas covered in the course: Who were the Vikings and where did they come from? The Universe, Gods and Prominent Persons Society, culture, laws and everyday life Farmers, shipwrights and crafts folk Navigators and seafarers Tactics, raids and conquests The expanse of Viking trade Forms of communication , words, runes and symbols Wednesday

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